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  • $10 Million Dollar Scholarship list & Checklist

    Acces to our in depth hand selected scholarship list & a checklist to make sure you ace the application.

  • Step by Step FAFSA Tutorial

    Save time on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid

  • Exclusive Member Forum

    Access to all of our Debt Free College Program Resources in one place

  • 14 Session Debt Free College Blueprint Course

    The most in-depth & comprehensive training for earning a college degree at minimal cost.

  • Semester Budgeting Training

    Learn our step by step budgeting secrets to minimizing costs each semester

  • 24/7 Access

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Quick Facts:

  • The Average student graduates with $33,000.00 in student loan debt (Debt.Org)
  • The average college student earns $3,000.00 in student loan debt per second!
  • 40 million student loan borrowers have outstanding student loans
  • People in the 18 to 24 age bracket spend nearly 30% of their monthly income on student loan debt repayment
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What Makes Debt-Free College Academy Standout?

  • We provide the debt-free college graduates blue print.
  • We operate off of a proven model used by the DFCA founder Kevin Y. Brown who earned a free $140,000.00 education.
  • Colleges, High Schools & youth serving organizations have paid Kevin thousands of dollars to come in and present Debt Free College 101, the program that DEBT-FREE College Academy is modeled after.
  • Like you, Kevin was a student who knew that a college education could open up doors for him but had no idea of how he was going to afford it.
  • Most debt-free college programs and products teach the process of seeking and applying for scholarships, here at Debt-Free College Academy we teach you the skills to earn a DEBT-FREE college education
  • Some debt-free college programs are taught by theorist and administrators who did not graduate from college debt-free themselves. Our Debt-Free College Academy course is led by experts who have actually graduated from college DEBT-FREE.
  • The strategies taught in our programs are proven to work.
  • The skills taught in our programs can save you money immediately.
  • Colleges, High Schools & youth serving organizations have purchased hundreds of copies of our book 10 Ways Anyone Can Graduate From College DEBT-FREE.


"Kevin Y. Brown has done a phenomenal job and this book will change your life” 

Les Brown (World Renown Motivational Speaker & Author) Les Brown Enterprises

"If I didn't use the strategies in the book "10 Ways to Graduate College Debt Free", I’d be walking out of Morehouse with $160,000 worth of debt. So, I’m encouraging you to join Debt Free College Academy and learn how to graduate college debt free."

Joshua Franklin Student Morehouse College

"His speech gave me a checklist for what I should be doing in college from freshmen year all the way to my senior year to graduate debt free. It’s a great thing because I was going to struggle about how I was going to pay for college but now that I have his book and his ways, I know what to do now."

Tamara Renel Student Langston University

"I really think that something like this should be mandatory not only for our freshmen students but for everybody on campus, all the students leaders, regular students and anybody because finances are very important and I know that a lot of people just aren’t aware and I feel like the earlier that you become aware the more prepared you can be for afterwards (after college). It was very powerful."

Shaquille Anderson Student Langston University
Get Started Now - Choose a Debt-Free College Academy ProgramStart your Debt Free College Journey...

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconHow does Debt - Free College Academy work?

    Debt – Free College Academy is an in depth 14 course online membership portal that teaches you how to graduate college at minimal cost. There are options to take each course through audio or video. With each course purchase you have access to the member forum where you receive the course guides, multiple extra trainings, audio of Kevin’s live Debt- Free College training to over 600 college students and so much more.

  • q-iconIs Debt - Free College Academy for parents, businesses, students or organizations?

    All. Debt- Free College Academy is your blueprint to graduating college at minimal cost. We offer the most cutting edge and in depth Debt- Free College training in the world. While we have individual pricing for parents and students we also have enterprise pricing for Schools, Businesses and organizations.

  • q-iconHow does Debt - Free College Academy fit for my Business or organization?

    Businesses – Most business adopt Debt – Free College Academy as a part of their Employee Assistance Programs and make it available to employees who have children ages 13+.

    Schools/Organizations – We have a subscription based membership that allows you to track the progress of each member.

    We offer enterprise pricing and our subscriptions are annual.

  • q-iconIs Debt - Free College Academy a monthly recurring payment to use the system?

    No! There are no monthly fees with Debt – Free College Academy. You buy the program and can use it for personal use. Your purchase includes 1 year of support and updates. After 1 year, there is an optional renewal if you want continued support and the latest updates.

  • q-iconWho controls my membership and can I share it with others?

    You are in Control. As you use Debt – Free College Academy and accelerate through the program at your own speed with 24/7 access, We ask that you keep your subscription service personal. Debt – Free College Academy was created for individual use and violation of the terms and conditions of the program will result in immediate subscription termination without a refund along with legal action.

  • q-iconDo you provide support if I get stuck using Debt - Free College Academy?

    Of course! Our friendly support team is available to help you through your issues.  We obviously can’t do the program for you, but we’ll guide you in the right direction and help you get past any issues you have.

    We offer enterprise pricing and our subscriptions are annual.